New Challenges!

Because I’m still not satisfied with the two pages of challenges I already have listed in a Word file. Ahem.

Firstly, New Beginnings Wednesday. This is not a reading challenge; it’s basically a challenge to keep you going with your New Year’s Resolution(s) by posting your progress each Wednesday. Personally, I only have one resolution for this year, and that is: stick with what I start. I’m terribly scatterbrained, always shifting from one project to the next, often before I’m finished. I’m the sort of person who has three or four novels going at once in different parts of the house plus plenty more on the shelf, twenty different stories being written, a number of classes and so on but who only ever seems to finish a fraction of what they’ve begun because they’re so busy accumulating more Things To Do that they never get the time or patience to complete anything. Including their sentences, apparently. Well, no more! This year I’m going to break that habit once and for all. Beyond that, I don’t think I need any other resolutions – that pretty much covers everything.

Another challenge is the Royal Mistress Challenge. I’m on a historical kick at the moment as I have two historical novels in the works myself, and I love a good intrigue. The use of sex as a political tool fascinates me on an intellectual level as well, so it sounds like the ideal topic! Depending on how many titles I can find, I may read one related novel a month, putting me at Secret Wife level, but I think I’ll take it as I go and start out aiming just for Maid of Honour.

I shall also attempt The Year of the Historical Challenge – at least one historical novel per month – since that fits nicely with my plans for the above, and I really like historicals when they’re done right. Particularly those set in WW1 and WW2. And the 1950s. And the Victorian era. And the Crusades. And – okay, I’ll stop now.

I’ve already been whittling away at the 42 Sci-Fi Challenge as well; mostly because I am currently addicted to The X-Files (I missed out on it growing up because we had no television until I was 13, by which point I think the series had ended. Although I did have an X Files computer game that used to scare me silly. It was on, like, ten discs because our computer was only capable of handling a thimble of information at a time. Oh my god, I’m old!). I’m not big on sci-fi books as a rule, but when it comes to TV and movies, I’m generally all over it. Strange that. Anyway, I’m going to make an additional rule for myself that at least ten of the 42 must be written, otherwise it won’t be much of a challenge for me at all. And we can’t have that, can we? No, I thought not.

That’s enough for today, I think, but I will be adding more in the coming days as I work through the list I have. And that’s barely scratching the surface, I know, but I am only human.

You know what I said about starting things and never finishing them? Now you understand why my resolution is so important. Come 2011 I want to have completed all of these challenges I’ve entered. Wish me luck!

  1. Hi black sheep,
    I clicked over to your blog from your comment on the Year of the Historical challenge post at Lurv a la Mode and just wanted to say hello. I’m impressed by the diversity of your 2010 reading challenges and look forward to seeing what you read and reading your thoughts.

    I have to say I’m also intrigued by your academic background. While maybe it is ironic that you are an atheist yet have degrees and are studying world religions, I actually think your beliefs help make you a very impartial judge in your studies. Very interesting.

    Now, what made me decide to leave a comment here is altogether different. It is something you sad about the X-Files and being old that made me first laugh, and then cry. If the X-Files were on television before you were 13, you are NOT old. (that part made me laugh) I, too, was a huge X-Files fan and in fact it is probably the only television show I have ever followed religiously (<–no pun intended), in my life. When I watched the X-Files I was already married with a babe on the way. Now that’s old. (that part made me cry) LOL.

    Have a great day. 🙂

      • black sheep
      • January 15th, 2010

      Hi Christine,

      Thanks for commenting! It’s always nice to ‘meet’ a fellow challenge participant 🙂 I have to say, I feel bad about making you cry – that was certainly not the intention! I have some friends who are just starting uni this year, and they’re always telling me how old I am, so I guess it’s become something of a running joke. As far as I’m concerned, though, age may be inevitable but maturity is optional, and I fully intend to remain young for the rest of my life 😉

      What you said about my background is interesting; I tend to encounter one of two reactions when I tell people what I’m studying. Either they assume I’m really religious (which is why, online, I tend to include a disclaimer whenever I talk about it) or they assume the opposite. I agree that not being personally attached to any one religious doctrine does seem to help me to treat my work objectively, but I suppose that being religious has its own advantages too, at least insofar as already being deeply familiar with certain religious traditions and so forth. I often feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer diversity!

      I’ll look forward to reading some of your reviews throughout the year as well. Best of luck with your reading challenges!

      ~black sheep

  2. Welcome to the Royal Mistress Challenge, Black Sheep! Hope you enjoy your books. I’m in Year of the Historical too. And I am swimming in different projects so my resolution is to try to spend 15 minutes a day on each one. Doesn’t sound like a lot but it adds up.

      • black sheep
      • January 15th, 2010

      Hi Miss Moppet,

      Thanks for stopping by! Your resolution sounds like a good plan – even just a small amount of time a day goes a long way towards getting things done. I’ll look forward to reading some of your thoughts on the books you’ve read throughout the year. Best of luck with your projects 🙂

      ~black sheep

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve been doing NaNo for several years now, but have only succeeded a few times. It’s still fun and a great challenge! Speaking of which, you look like you’ve got some great challenges set up for yourself this year! Best of luck with them and don’t forget to enjoy life! Cheers!

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