New Beginnings Wednesday (January 20)

New Beginnings is a weekly event hosted by MizB at Should be Reading. It’s all about your New Years’ Resolutions! Everybody knows that these are really hard to stick to, so why not encourage each other in our efforts? Why not enlist the support of our online friends?

So, here it is…

  • First — post your list of New Years’ Resolutions in a post at your blog.
  • Second — every week, on Wednesday, write a new post about how you’re doing with each of your goals … you’ll have to list them, again, each week, as people won’t remember what you’re working towards, otherwise. Be brief in your updates, as there may be several blogs to visit!
  • Third — after you’ve written your update, visit Should Be Reading, and share your link so that we –the other New Beginnings participants– can stop by your blog and encourage you!

Important! … It would be absolutely great if you could visit at least ONE other participant’s blog  on Wednesdays and leave a comment on their post to share some encouragement for their efforts! Show your support! That’s what this event is all about — standing by each other to finally reach our goals!

Well, it’s Wednesday here in Middle Earth New Zealand, and you know what that means? Yes! The hobbit with the hairy feet is correct! It’s time for my first New Beginnings Wednesday update.

To recap what my introductory post said, I have only one New Year’s Resolution this year: stick with what I start. Obviously this applies only to those things I want to perpetuate; bad habits like getting up late and so on are exempt. Basically, though, it’s designed to help me stay the course with my various projects and plans for 2010. So, how are those going?

  1. Write 1000 words or more per day. So far, I have met or exceeded that amount every day since Jan 1. Go me!
  2. Read at least 100 books this year. So far I’ve read five out of the nine books I need to read to stay on track for this month. I’ve spent the last few days avoiding Anil’s Ghost, the next on my list, however, so I think I need to buck up a little on this one, otherwise the month will be over before I get through all of my reading!
  3. Exercise more. So far, so OK. I’ve been doing some yoga and plan on swimming once a week, but have been waiting until the holiday rush dies down, because overcrowded public pools are horrible. I want to join some kind of fitness class too.
  4. Post at least twice a week in this blog. I haven’t exactly counted, but I think I’ve been pretty active here so far.
  5. Dazzle my professors with my research essays. I just received a wonderfully excessive parcel of around 50 books to start my research. It’s like having Christmas all over again! Now to start reading and attempt to decide on my topics…
  6. Brush up on my languages. Nothing so far; I meant to get started this week but life kind of imploded for a while there, so I haven’t yet.
  7. Get a job. I am reluctant to do this (I’m extremely jealous of my free time) but it really is necessary, so…I’m looking.

That’s pretty much it for now – the reading challenges obviously go without saying, and since my progress on those is what this blog is (mostly) about right now, I figured I didn’t really need to add those to the list as distinct from my personal 100-book goal.

How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions?

  1. Well done on the word count Black Sheep! You’re more ambitious than I am on both the reading and writing fronts – I only aim for 500 words a day when I am writing and I’ve never read more than 70 books in a year – although it’s true I don’t count re-reads.

      • black sheep
      • January 21st, 2010

      Thanks Miss Moppet. I didn’t get very far past 50 books last year (excluding re-reads), so I’m hoping to do better this year. Good luck with your writing! I’m finding 1k a bit of a stretch but that’s pretty much the point, so here’s hoping I can keep it going!

      ~black sheep

  2. Ooo, a package of 50 books! That’s awesome! I’m totally jealous! 😀

    Good job on keeping up with most of your goals, so far! Keep it up!

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