Last-Minute Challenge Additions

This is the last post of these, I swear.

  1. Banned Books Challenge
    Read and review as many books on the list as possible by September.
  2. World Religion Challenge
    This is perfect for my research projects this year. I’m going to choose the Unshepherded Path, because it’s likely I’ll be focusing on two different aspects of either two different religions, or the same religion, rather than five or more.
  3. Award Challenge
    10 books from different award categories by November. I don’t have a list as yet – I think I’ll pick them as I go.
  4. Read the Book, See the Movie
    Festival Jury Member level. Read 10 books that have been turned into movies, then watch the movie, and review both. This is going to be fun!
  5. 2010 Challenge
    2 books from each category, 20 in total. For my open category I’m going to choose…hmm. I think Graphic Novels. I don’t read many of them as a rule, but I got into the genre a bit last year after reading Watchmen (I still haven’t seen the movie) and I’d like to explore a bit more.

I think that’s about 20 challenges in total. Wow. This is going to be one busy year!

  1. Thanks for joining the World Religion Challenge! It’s great that it will help with your research!

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