CHALLENGE COMPLETE: The L. M. Montgomery Challenge

The Challenge:

  1. Pick the Montgomery book (or books!) that you most want to read and then read them during the first few weeks of January. Your introductory blog post does not need to be excessively long or grand. You merely need to create a blog post saying, “I’m in!” and link it up here in the comment section. If you’d like to say which books of Montgomery’s you plan on reading during the challenge, do so then! There are a great many to choose from.
  2. Come back on Sunday, January 31, 2010 and leave a comment “linking up” to however many Montgomery related reviews/posts you like.
  3. Visit around and get to know the other people who are participating in the challenge and read about what books they’ve involved themselves with. Be friendly! =)

I chose to read Pat of Silver Bush this year. You can find my review here. I loved it! It really was wonderful to get back to Montgomery again; that plus the wonderfully warm weather we’ve been having recently reminded me of the summers of my childhood. Ah, nostalgia…

Here’s to the first finished challenge of the year!

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