MULTIPLE REVIEW: Three Superman Comics

Superman: The Daily  Planet

Elliot S! Maggin, Louise Simonson, Curt Swan (Illustrator), Wayne Boring (Illustrator), Al Plastino (Illustrator)
D.C. Comics, 2006

Finished 28 Feb 2010

An interesting collection of Superman tales; it was fascinating watching the art change as it moved from the earliest story to the latest (which looked very much like it had been produced in the ’80s-’90s, but I’m not sure). I’m a newbie when it comes to graphic novels/comics but I found this collection very enjoyable and easy to read, if a little lacking in the depth and maturity found in the likes of Watchmen.


Superman vs. Lex Luthor

Jerry Siegel, Bill Finger, Edward Hamilton
D.C. Comics, 2006

Finished 28 Feb 2010

A fun read. It’s fascinating to see the evolution of Lex Luthor’s biography and his relationship with Superman, changing from a random supervillain to a corrupt businessman to – POTUS? What? Anyway. An excellent compilation that really illustrates the overall arc of his character within a limited space; definitely recommended to newcomers like myself as a good resource for catching up on a whole lot of comic-book history at once!


Superman: Escape from Bizarro World

Geoff Johns, John Byrne, Richard Donner
D.C. Comics, 2008

Finished 5 Mar 2010

Well, I’ll say one thing for this book; it was definitely bizarre. I did find the commentary interesting on the bonus issues that were included, and speculation on what Bizarro represents, metaphorically speaking. Bizarro himself inspires a great deal of antipathy as far as I’m concerned, however; the stupid speak, the crude drawing, the sort-of-but-not-completely-backwards society…just wasn’t pulled off very well. Ugly art and an equally un-prepossessing storyline made this a failure for me.


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