Thursdays in Black: Why Wear Black?

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Link(s) of the Day:

Thursdays in Black on Ning
Thursdays in Black at the NZUSA
Thursdays in Black Official New Zealand Website (under construction)

Why I Chose This Link:

While searching for a way to contribute to the fight against Domestic Violence and Child Abuse for the Social Justice Challenge this month, I came across this campaign. Although it was started by a Christian organization (and is therefore something I would be wary about taking part in), the idea transcends the limitations of dogma. It’s perfectly simple: for one day a week, wear black to show your support for survivors of discrimination and violence, and to work together for a world without brutality.

To quote the Student Association website where I first encountered the campaign:

Thursday’s In Black is part of an international movement to demand a world without rape and violence. The campaign has its roots in groups such as Mothers of the Disappeared in Argentina, Black Sash in South Africa and the Women in Black movements in Bosnia and Israel. These groups include Argentinean mothers who gather every Thursday in silence to protest the loss of loved ones under the military dictatorship, women who expressed outrage at the rape-death camps in war torn Bosnia, and women who opposed the Israel occupation of the West Bank and the abuse of the Palestinians.

However, Thursday’s In Black is not a campaign confined only to countries officially at war. In fact, a war against women is being raged all over the world, and has continued for centuries. Its weapons include domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, incest, murder, female infanticide, genital mutilation, sexual harassment, discrimination, sex trafficking. In short, sexism.

Today, I joined those wearing black. In addition, I have decided to add a bi-weekly feature to this blog, in which I will feature a specific Human Rights-related link, article, blog post or other media item and discussion, encouraging others to get involved. This is the first of those posts.

Wearing black on Thursday’s indicates that you are tired of putting up with rape and violence in your community. It demonstrates a desire for a community where we can all walk safely without fear of being beaten up, verbally abused, raped, of being discriminated against due to your sexual orientation, political affiliation, gender or ethnicity.

It shows that you want to be free.

Let’s take a stand.


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