MULTIPLE REVIEW: Three Batman/Superman Comics

Batman and Superman: World’s Finest


Karl Kesel
DC Comics 2003

CHALLENGE(S): Book Awards Challenge

Finished  10 Mar 2010

I really enjoyed this. As a newbie in the realm of graphic novels, there were some parts that I couldn’t follow (like the multiple Supermen – what was that about?), as I wasn’t aware of the events in the timeline, but I enjoyed seeing the evolution of Batman and Superman’s friendship and how they interacted. The art was great as well, and the parallelism of the beginning and ending was particularly well done. These two are my favourite superheroes, so it was a nice treat to have them both together!


Superman/Batman Vol. 1: Public Enemies

Jeph Loeb
DC Comics, 2005

Finished 12 Mar 2010

In keeping with my sentiments from before, I moved directly on to another Superman/Batman team-up comic. This one was great fun as well; the story was engaging, if occasionally a bit heavy-handed and/or confusing in places, and the art was lovely and bright.


Batman: Gotham After Midnight

Steve Niles, Kelley Jones (Illustrator)
DC Comics, 2009

Finished 23 Mar 2010

I have mixed feelings about this novel. It took me a while to finish because I found the art disturbing and a little confusing; lots of sweeping shapes and dull colours, and at times everything seemed to blend into everything else. Judging from the other reviews I’ve read the art is supposed to be the high point of this book, and there were a few panels that I was quite struck by, so maybe there’s something I’m missing. The plot was interesting, fortunately, if a little trite at the end. An OK read, but not a gripping one.


  1. April 1st, 2010

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