Earth Hour 2010: Lights Out!

Welcome to Earth Hour 2010

It’s 8:30pm, Saturday 27 March 2010. The lights are out. I’m sitting here typing by the light of my laptop screen and an emergency lantern, eating cotton candy. In town, restaurants are serving dinner by candlelight and the clock tower is dark. We feel our way by candles and by battery-powered lamplight.

In one corner of my room, the glow-stick I purchased a few days ago is still glowing faintly. For a whole hour, the city, the house and about one third of the entire country will be in darkness.

Earth Hour is one of my favourite events, largely because it is so simple, and yet so dramatic. We’re not doing anything huge, just going about our daily lives, but for one hour we’re not using any electrically powered lights.It doesn’t take much, but it makes a clear statement. And I like making statements.

Lights from my backyard, 5 minutes into Earth Hour 2010:

For me, Earth Hour is more than just a way to support the action against climate change. It’s about being part of something important, and it’s a reminder that there are people out there who share the same values I have, regardless of whether or not we speak the same language. It’s a fitting end to what has been a wonderful month of multi-cultural exploration for me, and I appreciate it.

Happy Earth Hour, everyone!

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