Challenge Progress Report #1

I figured it was about time I straighten out just what I’ve read and which challenges they fall into. I’m going to try to do this once a month, because otherwise I’ll never be able to keep things on track! Hopefully it will help me to plan my reading more strategically as well.

2010 Challenge
STATUS: 9/20 categories filled

42 Sci-Fi Challenge
STATUS: Complete

451 Challenge
GOAL: Blaze level – read 7 books from the 451 Master List by November 2010. (7 total)

Maus I Spiegelman, Art
Maus II Spiegelman, Art
The Book Thief Zuzak, Markus
The Handmaid’s Tale Atwood, Margaret
The Poisonwood Bible Kingslover, Barbara
The Shadow of the Wind Zafon, Carlos Ruiz
The Time Traveller’s Wife Niffenger, Audrey

ABC Author Challenge
GOAL: 1 book by author with last name starting with letters of alphabet (26 total)
STATUS: 14/26

ABC Title Challenge
GOAL: 1 book title starting with each letter of alphabet (26 total)
STATUS: 7/26

Awards Challenge
GOAL: 10 award-winning books from 10 different categories (10 total)
STATUS: 1/10

Man Booker Prize The Line of Beauty Hollinghurst, Alan
Eisner Award Batman & Superman: World’s Finest Dini, Paul et. al. 10/03/10
Hugo Award American Gods Gaiman, Neil
Independent Foreign Fiction The White Castle Pamuk, Orhan
National Book Award The Colour Purple Walker, Alice
Orange Prize Half of a Yellow Sun Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi
World Fantasy Prestige Priest, Christopher
IMPAC Dublin The Known World Jones, Edward P.
Pulitzer Prize Interpreter of Maladies Lahiri, Jhumpa
NBCC Being Dead Crace, Jim

Banned Books Challenge
GOAL: Read and review as many books on the list as possible by September 2010.

Fallen Angels Myers, Walter Dean
Annie On My Mind Garden, Nancy
Ordinary People Guest, Judith
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Angelou, Maya
The Colour Purple Walker, Alice

Beth Kephart Challenge
GOAL: 4 assorted Kephart books by July 2010.
(4 total)
STATUS: 3 / 4

Decade Challenge
GOAL: 10 books published in 10 consecutive decades (1900-1990) (10 total)
STATUS: 3/10

GLBT Challenge
GOAL: 12 or more GLBT/related novels
(12+ total)
STATUS: 7/12

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge
STATUS: Complete

Read the Book, See the Movie
GOAL: Festival Jury Member level. Read 10 books, see the movies and review (10 total)
STATUS: 1/10
I’d post the list, except it’s about 38 books/movies long!

Royal Mistresses Challenge
GOAL: Secret Wife level, 7 or more books with a royal mistress/favourite as the main character (7 total)

Social Justice Challenge
GOAL: Activist Level for 10/12 months
STATUS: 2/10

To Be Read Challenge (original)
GOAL: Read 1 book per month from your “To Be Read” list. (12 total)
STATUS: 1/12

Fire From Heaven Renault, Mary
The Persian Boy Renault, Mary
Funeral Games Renault, Mary
The Nature of Alexander Renault, Mary
Master and Commander O’Brien, Patrick
The God Delusion Dawkins, Richard
The Painted Veil Maugham, W. Somerset 31/01/10
The Kite Runner Hosseini, Khaled
Brideshead Revisited Waugh, Evelyn
The Feminine Mystique Friedan, Betty
Fear of Flying Jong, Erica
The Prestige Priest, Christopher

What’s in a Name? Challenge
GOAL: 6 books meeting each of the criteria. (6 total)

Women Unbound Challenge
GOAL: Suffragette level. 8 books relating to Women’s Studies, including 3 non-fiction (8 total)

World Religions Challenge
GOAL: Unshepherded Path. As many books on whatever religious subjects you choose.

Year of the Historical
GOAL: 1 historical novel per month (12 total)
STATUS: 3/12

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