Thursdays in Black: The One Stop Shop for Human Rights

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Why Wear Black?

It’s perfectly simple: for one day a week, wear black to show your support for survivors of discrimination and violence, and to work together for a world without brutality. In addition, I have decided to add a bi-weekly feature to this blog, in which I will feature a specific Human Rights-related link, article, blog post or other media item and discussion, encouraging others to get involved. Read my first post here.

Link of the Day:

Amnesty International

Why I Chose this Link:

I know that pretty much everyone has heard of Amnesty International (and if not, where have you been living?!), but like all good things it’s a name that bears repeating. They’ve been around since 1961, campaigning against human rights abuses the world over. In many ways, the idea that Amnesty supports – that all human beings have rights, and that those rights need to be protected – forms the basis for the majority of social action and volunteer efforts out there. In addition, Amnesty International is important because it provides an international hub for Making a Difference: from their site, you can participate or find ways to participate in hundreds of different campaigns at a local or a global level. They campaign against the death penalty, poverty, violence against women, the global arms trade and more.

So I figured it was time to pay my respects to this wonderful organization, and remind people that if you want to fight for human rights, there’s no better place to start.

Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all.

Our supporters are outraged by human rights abuses but inspired by hope for a better world – so we work to improve human rights through campaigning and international solidarity…

We have a record of real achievement.

We know this because the people we try to help tell us that our pressure has had an effect on their own lives and because at key times governments are persuaded to change their laws and practices.

Our international solidarity helps keep hope alive locally.

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