Sunday Spotlight

Here are some of the book reviews, articles and blog posts I’ve been enjoying this week. Want me to feature one of your posts here? Send me a link and I’ll check it out!

This week I’ve been reading some very interesting posts all over the web. In particular, since I heard that the newest iPhone will shortly be released, I’ve been reading a number of fascinating articles about technology and the modern lifestyle in addition to my usual book-related articles.

  1. pretty/curious wonders whether it’s time for a “wePhone.”
  2. In a similar vein, anniegirl1138 contemplates whether she has enough, and if so, whether she would recognise it.
  3. In the book world, Lurv a la Mode rages against the overuse of tattoos on book covers.
  4. Author Robin Reardon writes an open letter to humanity.
  5. And I discovered a blog devoted to poetry: Tuesday Poem.

A rather eclectic collection this week. Hope you enjoy!

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