SoCNoC 2010 Day 15: Passing The Mid-Way Point

The Southern Cross Novel Challenge (SoCNoC) is NaNoWriMo for the Southern Hemisphere. The goal is to write 50,000 words of fiction over the 30 days of June. I’ll be updating with my progress every three days throughout the month.

Current Word Count: 26,615 words
Rating: Pinch me, I’m dreaming. It’s actually not that bad!


Had some very good days recently, which is interesting, since non-writing wise I’ve been feeling kind of crappy. Still. A good writing day is a good day, as they say. Crossed the halfway point a day early and cruised to 26.6k this evening with effort to spare. I attribute this to the fact that I’ve discovered (I can’t say created, because I have no idea where she came from) a new character who is, I have to say, completely the most awesome person ever. I’m having to be careful to make sure I give her flaws as well, lol. Her name is Julie. She likes punk music and lives in a bookshelf. Not literally. But yeah. I was intending to give my main character a love interest at some point, and when his mother’s friend decided she had a daughter around his age, I thought – aha. There she is. Poor Caleb is a little intimidated by her right now, though. She’s very, um, forthright. He’s not used to it.

…am I talking about my characters as if they’re real people again? Sorry. I have a tendency to do that when (a) I’m in the middle of a novel and (b) the work is going well. Or going terribly. I find it helps to regard them as entirely separate from myself, because that way I can examine them objectively(ish) for being too much like me, or not sympathetic enough, or any of the many faults that can beset a writer’s creations. Plus, they and the plot seem to be operating of their own accord at the moment, so I have to give credit where it’s due!

Here’s hoping I’m over the slump and on the downhill slope to home. Happy writing, everyone!

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