NZ and Australian Book Bloggers Network

(courtesy of WritersBlockNZ)

So, the other day I was discussing the merits of Elizabeth Knox’s work with some other fans on Twitter, when one of them happened to suggest that a Kiwi Book Blogging club would be a nice thing to have. A lot of us feel a bit swamped by all the American blogs out there – it’s always nice to talk to people from the same part of the world. The idea stuck with me, and I got to thinking…wouldn’t that be awesome? We could even have a convention sometime, if there were enough of us, and entice authors here from overseas…

Thus, Books Down Under was born. I decided to include Aussies as well, because I imagine y’all feel somewhat isolated too. So! If you’re a literary blogger who lives in NZ or Australia (even if you weren’t born there), or you’re an ex-pat living overseas who wants to stay in touch, go and join up! Don’t forget to add our shiny new button to your site and link up. I’m still working on the layout and graphics at the moment, but it’s functional otherwise. I’d love to hear your ideas and opinions.

  1. Awesome – I’m in! 🙂

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