The Times, They are A-Changing…

Well, okay, maybe not so much the times as this blog, but the title still stands. Inspired by yesterday’s #bblog chat about defining one’s niche and brand as a blogger, I’ve decided to let you all in on a little secret I’ve been keeping under my hat for the past month or so: I’m moving my blog!

This isn’t going to happen all at once – in fact, I expect it to take a few months, if not more – but I’m quite excited about this project and will be keeping you all up to date about my progress. I’m kind of sad to start shaking things up, since I’ve only been blogging 6 months and feel like I’m just getting to know you all – I don’t want people to be lost in the shuffle! But the fact remains that I didn’t actually plan for this to be a Book Blog. It just kind of happened that way. And now that things are growing, and I’ve proven to myself that I can stick with something as time-consuming as a blog for more than a few weeks, I thought it was time to make some changes so that this blog looks and feels the way I want it to. Better now, when things are still fairly new, than when I’m more firmly entrenched, I reckon!

So! That’s my secret! New name, new address, new look: it’s all coming soon.


  1. Exciting stuff! I’ll look forward to seeing the changes 🙂

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