Thursdays in Black: The Worst Form of Violence (Part II)

Thursdays in Black official logo

Why Wear Black?

It’s perfectly simple: for one day a week, wear black to show your support for survivors of discrimination and violence, and to work together for a world without brutality. In addition, I have decided to add a weekly feature to this blog, in which I will feature a specific Human Rights-related link, article, blog post or other media item and discussion, encouraging others to get involved. Read my first post here.

Link(s) of the Day:

Child Poverty Action Group
Save the Children
Starved for Attention

Why I Chose These Links:

Continuing last week’s theme, I’ve been digging up sites on Poverty to go with the Social Justice Challenge topic of the month. This week I chose to feature mostly Children’s Poverty. CPAG addresses children in need in my home country, while Oxfam is a more general charity, and Save the Children addresses children’s needs in the US and all over the world, as does the Starved for Attention campaign. Together, these sites are making a difference. From Save the Children:

Our mission is to create lasting, positive change in the lives of children in need in the U.S. and around the world.

Our priorities are to ensure that children in need grow up protected and safe, educated, healthy and well-nourished, and  able to thrive in economically secure households.

A collection of necessary links for anyone interested in stemming the tide of poverty.

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