New Beginnings Wednesday (July 14)

New Beginnings is a weekly event hosted by MizB at Should be Reading. It’s all about your New Years’ Resolutions! Everybody knows that these are really hard to stick to, so why not encourage each other in our efforts? Why not enlist the support of our online friends?

So, here it is…

  • First — post your list of New Years’ Resolutions in a post at your blog.
  • Second — every week, on Wednesday, write a new post about how you’re doing with each of your goals … you’ll have to list them, again, each week, as people won’t remember what you’re working towards, otherwise. Be brief in your updates, as there may be several blogs to visit!
  • Third — after you’ve written your update, visit Should Be Reading, and share your link so that we –the other New Beginnings participants– can stop by your blog and encourage you!

Important! … It would be absolutely great if you could visit at least ONE other participant’s blog on Wednesdays and leave a comment on their post to share some encouragement for their efforts! Show your support! That’s what this event is all about — standing by each other to finally reach our goals!

My goal: to try to be more consistent, and finish what I start. In particular…

  1. Write 1000 words or more per day. I have a new project! It’s a historical novel set in 1920s Chicago. I’ve been writing/plotting intermittently, but it’s been really fun so far. It’s been great to have something to write each day for my 1k but no pressure to achieve 50k by the end of the month.
  2. Read at least 100 books this year. Doing really badly at this at the moment. I just haven’t had the time or inclination to read. It’s still in my mind, though, and I’m determined to reach 45/100 by the end of the month at the very least.
  3. Dazzle my professors with my research essays. Presentation is fast approaching, and I’m still not finished. Uh oh.
  4. Brush up on my languages. Finally started my Latin. It’s weird coming back to it after so long. I remember a lot of things, but I’ve also forgotten a lot. Still, it will be worth it. I was invited to join a more advanced French language class, which is kind of flattering, even though I’m not the only one. Either way, it starts up again next week. I’m enjoying my break!
  5. Turn The Black Sheep into a functioning (popular?) blog. Need to work a bit more on this. The changes that I want to make have been held up briefly because I am just so busy right now I barely have time to post, let alone work on the format etc. Hoping to make some headway soon.
  6. Start exercising more. Still keeping this up, even when I don’t want to. I’m proud of myself!

Happy Wednesday! How are your goals going?

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