Thursdays in Black: The Worst Form of Violence (Part III)

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Why Wear Black?

It’s perfectly simple: for one day a week, wear black to show your support for survivors of discrimination and violence, and to work together for a world without brutality. In addition, I have decided to add a weekly feature to this blog, in which I will feature a specific Human Rights-related link, article, blog post or other media item and discussion, encouraging others to get involved. Read my first post here.

Link(s) of the Day:

ONE International
YGAP: Y Generation Against Poverty
Farmers Fighting Poverty

Why I Chose These Links:

Continuing this month’s theme of Poverty and related associations, I’ve compiled another four links to organisations committed to fighting poverty all over the world. ONE International and CARE are big-name, influential NGOs working to build stable economies from the ground up. Farmers Fighting Poverty focuses on the contribution a solid farming infrastructure can make to reducing poverty, while YGAP is an Australian organisation of Y-Generation men and women volunteering on global projects to help reduce poverty in places such as Rwanda and Africa. From their About page:

YGAP is an entirely volunteer based, not-for-profit organisation that provides an avenue for individuals to become involved in international development. YGAP enables volunteers to join innovative, collaborative and practical initiatives by combining their unique networks, specific vocational skills and common ambition of fighting poverty. Through field-based partnerships, YGAP aims to ‘bridge the gap’ between the aspiration vulnerable children have for an education, with the opportunities available to them. In our work across universities and corporations, YGAP’s vision is to become an outstanding source of inspiration and opportunity for all involved.

Our mission is to offer dynamic and practical opportunities for young, local volunteers to become involved with international development.

If I were in Australia, I’d definitely consider signing up!

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