Sunday Spotlight

Here are some of the book reviews, articles and blog posts I’ve been enjoying this week. Want me to feature one of your posts here? Send me a link and I’ll check it out!

This week, I have been exploring a number of New Zealand and Australian blogs and sites of interest. With the exception of the Terry Pratchett Awards, here’s some of the local colour I’ve been soaking up recently:

  1. Stuck for characters? Want an excuse to people-watch that doesn’t involve being arrested for stalking? Not Enough Words recommends playing some of these character-creating games.
  2. Every year, the NZ Sunday Star Times runs a short story competition. I was looking through past winners, and found the 2007 first place winner Necropolis. I highly recommend it.
  3. Guess what? New Zealand has a Sci Fi/Fantasy Association. I’m shocked too.
  4. I swear, I’m not being paid for the number of times I’ve promoted Elizabeth Knox’s work on this blog. But I did happen to notice that she participated in a discussion about the Supernatural in fiction for Women on Air that you can find here. It’s actually a pretty kick-ass website for women, so check it out!
  5. And finally, another author whom I am totally not stalking: Sir Terry Pratchett has announced the first annual(?) Anywhere But Here, Anywhen But Now Awards for aspiring novelists of speculative fiction. Can you imagine winning that? Talk about kick starting your career. If you fancy your chances, the details are here.


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