Monday Poem: “Reflection on a Proposal of Marriage” by Alison Wong

The Monday Poem

Another poem found on the wilds of the internet, and adored:

Reflection on a Proposal of Marriage, by Alison Wong

after sharing a 2 for 1 voucher to an exhibition

I was married once, briefly
to a man I met at the ticketing desk
of the Christchurch Art Gallery.
We kept falling
into each other before
the shadowy figures of
Giacometti. “Hello,”
we said in thin voices—
Standing Woman, a Man
Walking away. We parted
only to find each other at
The Glade, The Forest and City Square.
We were a Group of Three Men
my husband and I and our
marriage—each of us turning
away. Before we finally
separated, I offered
my name. “Graham,” he said.
“Thank you.” We shook hands.
He never gave me a ring.

(courtesy of this site)

The point at which I fell in love with this poem was right about “a Standing Woman, a Man Walking away.” Something about the rhythm and the image there caught my imagination and wouldn’t let go. I love the way the titles of the images form part of the poem, and the way the poet uses ‘marriage’ so elastically. Definitely a great addition to the ‘collection.’


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