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Monthly Roundup: August 2010

Massively behind and incredibly busy, I have only managed to get through two novels this month. At least it’s more than last month, right?

Books Read This Month:

  1. “A Home at the End of the World” by Michael Cunningham
  2. “At Swim, Two Boys” by Jamie O’Neill (review to follow)

Maybe I should change my target to 75 books this year…


Monthly Roundup: July 2010

I can’t believe it – I didn’t even finish a single book last month! I currently have at least five I’m in the middle of, but none that I’ve finished and no reviews to link to. Bugger. I’m going to have to get stuck in this month if I want to reach 100 before the end of the year!

Monthly Roundup: June 2010

Oh dear. I seem to be 11 books off my hoped-for target for this month. Never mind – I suppose it was a bit of a big ask! I’ll just have to read one or two extra for a couple of months to catch up.

Books Read This Month:

  1. “What Happened to Lani Garver” by Carol Plum-Ucci
  2. “Thinking Straight” by Robin Reardon
  3. “A Slant of Sun: One Child’s Courage” by Beth Kephart
  4. “Maurice” by E. M. Forster (and the film)
  5. “Sometimes in April” (film)

Here’s to a more productive reading month in July!

Monthly Roundup: May 2010

Another slow month. I have read 35 books so far this year; I should be at 42. I just haven’t been able to find the time for things lately! I’ll have to make an extra effort if I want to get to 50 books by the end of June.

Books Read This Month:

  1. “Will Eisner’s The Spirit” (Vol. 1) by Darwyn Cooke
  2. “A Kiss in Time” by Alex Finn
  3. “Saving Rafael” by Leslie Erika Wilson
  4. “Maus I” by Art Spiegelman
  5. “Maus II” by Art Spiegelman
  6. “The Angel’s Cut” by Elizabeth Knox

Here’s to another, more productive month!

Monthly Roundup: April 2010

Surprisingly, I didn’t get as much reading done as I thought I would this month. I’ll have to make an effort in May as I’m about 5 books behind where I ought to be to make it to 100.

Books Read This Month:

  1. The Time of Singing (Year of the Historical, Royal Mistresses)
  2. Hero (GLBT Mini Challenge)
  3. The Woman Who Walked into Doors (Social Justice Challenge)
  4. The Colour Purple (Multiple Challenges)
  5. Fun Home (Graphic Novel Challenge, GLBT Challenge)

Monthly Roundup: March 2010

March turned out to be quite a good month, reading wise, thanks to the graphic novels mini-challenge from the GLBT blog.

Books Read This Month:

  1. Superman: Escape From Bizarro World (2010 Challenge)
  2. Young Avengers, Vol. 1: Sidekicks (GLBT Mini Challenge)
  3. Young Avengers, Vol. 2: Family Matters (GLBT Mini Challenge)
  4. Every Boy’s Got One (2010 Challenge)
  5. Batman & Superman: World’s Finest
  6. Superman/Batman Vol.1: Public Enemies
  7. Batman: Gotham After Midnight
  8. The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For (GLBT Mini Challenge)

Monthly Roundup: February 2010

Something of a disappointing month, February; not only didn’t I read much, but I ended up being an Observer in the Social Justice Challenge as well. Oh well. New month, new start, new determination.

Books Read This Month:

  1. The Vintner’s Luck (GLBT Challenge + YOTH challenge + Books & Movies Challenge)
  2. The Buddhist Conception of Spirits (World Religions challenge)
  3. In Love and Trouble (GLBT Mini Challenge)
  4. Superman: The Daily Planet (2010 Challenge)
  5. Beating Heart (2010 Challenge)
  6. Superman vs. Lex Luthor (2010 Challenge)