I originally started this blog a while back, with the idea of starting my own atheist blog. Unfortunately I found I didn’t really have anything to say (and was too nervous to say any of it, anyhow), so this blog has heretofore remained empty and lonely. However! This is a new year, and with a new year come new challenges and ideas. I am many things other than an atheist; a Kiwi, a writer, a reader, a student (of Religious Studies, ironically enough), a singer…the list goes on. So when I signed up for a bunch of Reading Challenges over the ‘net this year as part of my New Years Resolution (“Read moar books!” in essence), and realized I needed somewhere to blog about them all, I figured, hey, I have the perfect place all set up…

There is no one purpose of this blog. Right now, it barely exists. There are no readers, no regular features, and  I still have no real idea what I’m doing. Let’s see how we can change that by the end of 2010.

Have a good one!

~black sheep